Halifax 2015


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3 thoughts on “Halifax 2015

  • July 19th to July 26th 2015, members of both the U13 and U14 boys team travelled to Halifax, Nova Scotia to participate in a specially designed training experience. As well as intense training, the players were able to take in some of the historical attributes of this eastern province.

    Below are some of the comments the players and parents are sharing about their experience.

    Mike Pink
    Whitby Saints Basketball

  • My son Shareff and I have been on this great adventure and training. We have had a great time with all the kids and parents and coaches. We have gone to Peggy’s Cove walked on the rocks, walked up the Tower, rollers skating. Lots of team lunches and team dinners had some great home cooked meals as well. The best was today at the beach where the kids carried coach Miguel into the water and then him and coach Mike carried all the children in the water after catching them all. It has been such a wonderful trip so far.

  • What a fabulous week in Halifax! The boys trained hard and had a great week. They experienced many attractions in and around Halifax. They improved their skills and bonded as a group of boys who has a love for basketball. Thanks to our amazing coaches Miguel Pink and Mike Allicock for mentoring our boys on and off the court.

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