October 29, 2010

About Us

Whitby Saints Basketball Program

The Whitby Saints Basketball Association is geared towards developing the leadership potential of youth by way of participating in an activity that exemplifies fitness, healthy life styles and the use of a team approach for success.

Basketball, with its increasing popularity, offers youth a positive alternative for their leisure time. With more affordable activities such as basketball, we can ensure that many of our young people will engage themselves in something that is not only worthwhile but also healthy.

The thrust of the basketball season is to become the Provincial Champions for our age category. To accomplish this, the Saints organization will begin tryouts as soon as a facility has been confirmed.

Preparation for the Provincial Championship tournaments will begin with weekly practices. The team will take part in exhibition games and numerous tournaments both inside and outside of the province to help fine tune their skills. If the team is successful in their bid for the championship title, they will be entitled to represent Ontario for regional Canadian Championships.

The schedule up to the Provincial Championships will last to the end of April or Early May.


By using basketball as the medium, we aim to:

  • Promote healthy life styles and encourage a higher level of fitness.
  • Develop leadership skills and good sportsmanship qualities in youth.
  • Develop fundamental basketball skills and the concept of team play and,
    transfer this learning to life in today’s society.
  • Reinforce the importance of education.
  • Ensure that each participant in the Saints’ basketball program has FUN.

Whitby Saints Philosophy

The coaching and administrative staff of the Whitby Saints Basketball Association will strive to foster a family environment at all times. This will be done by means of the following:

  • All coaching, administrative and other volunteers, will at all times, conduct themselves in such a manner so that they may be looked upon as a positive role model
  • Coaching staff will maintain relations with their player’s family and work together to help reenforce the family’s value systems
  • Coaching staff will find ways, and encourage the family to be active in the administration of the team
  • At no time will any staff and/or volunteer make derogatory remarks or gestures at their players, opposing players, spectators, officials or anyone else that is in an official capacity at games, tournaments and practices
  • Coaches also will not condone the above actions of anyone else associated with their team and will take corrective measures immediately
  • Coaching at any level is more than just teaching the players skills and knowledge associated with the game. The coaches attitude and approach is so important to the development of the player, the individual and how much the player enjoys their experience on the team. Coaches must make the extra effort to be a caring, approachable and responsive individual for their players
  • Coaching staff must encourage their players to use basketball as a means of accomplishing their goals and not let basketball use them